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TraffiStar S290M: Mobile speed monitoring with multiple target 3D tracking radar

The compact and lightweight TraffiStar S290M radar device from Jenoptik offers the latest multiple target 3D radar technology which can monitor up to six lanes simultaneously.

TraffiStar S290M - 3D radar technology

The mobile TraffiStar S290M combines a tracking radar sensor and a control unit with a 6.5“colour TFT display and a high-resolution camera with computer unit in one device. This compact and lightweight radar device from Jenoptik can be set up in a few simple steps to operate at the measuring site. This way you can use the measuring system at multiple locations for different types of applications. With compact and lightweight battery solution, the system can be operated a whole day with only one charge.

The system allows to monitor approaching and departing traffic in up to six lanes and to preselect different speed limits for cars and trucks. For each offence two evidence images are generated - the offending vehicle and detected number plate are clearly marked in the corresponding image.

The measurement results can be viewed in real time on the colour display. All data can easily be transferred to a PC by using a USB stick, LAN cable or WLAN. The weatherproof design reliably protects the measuring technology against adverse weather conditions.

  • Mobile use: Ready to take measurements on site in little time.
  • Precision: Capture multiple vehicles reliably in different lanes.
  • Flexible: Compact design for mobile speed measurement.
  • Efficiency: Markings help to verify the violations images within seconds.
  • Suitable as evidence: Measured values and vehicles are documented in the photo.
  • User-friendly: Graphical interface with simple three-button operation.
  • Weatherproof design: Provides optimum protection. IP class 54.
  • Traffic safety: Monitor speed violations on motorways, 'A' roads and in urban areas using highly sophisticated radar technology.

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